Welcome visitors!

Hello there! We warmly welcome visitors who are undergoing blood dialysis to come and visit Taipei. We hope you can enjoy your stay here and have a wonderful time exploring the city.

Our location is conveniently situated close to the city center (https://goo.gl/maps/Dbu3srhC5Sn7o9jD9) and is easily accessible by bus, taxi and the nearby MRT Red Line. Our opening hours are limited to two time periods during the day – the morning shift from 07:30-11:30 and the afternoon shift from 11:30-15:30. In the past, we have provided blood dialysis treatment to patients from Canada, the United States, Malaysia and Australia who were traveling.

Our experienced medical staff is English-friendly and has over ten years of experience in hemodialysis.  We use top-of-the-line equipments, such as the Fresenius 4008s V10 dialysis machine from Germany, and single-use artificial kidneys from renowned brands including Fresenius from Germany, Nipro and Asashi from Japan, Baxter from the United States, and BenQ from Taiwan.

In order to provide you with the best possible care during your stay in Taipei, we kindly request the following three pieces of information:

  1. Basic information, including the patient’s name, age, gender, and any ID numbers for file creation. We also require the name, contact information, and contact address of an emergency contact person in Taiwan.
  2. Medical history and allergy history, with a focus on the status of hepatitis B and C (this is related to the assigned bed). We also need you to provide your HIV and VDRL status.
  3. Dialysis summary: Please provide us with the relevant parameters of the dialysis that you are currently receiving from the hospital, including but not limited to the calcium and potassium concentration of the dialysis solution, the type and dose of anticoagulant, the dialyzer used, target body weight, and common conditions during past dialysis, in order to prepare in advance.

We hope that you have a wonderful time in Taiwan and look forward to the opportunity to provide you with excellent dialysis treatment.

Wishing you a pleasant stay in Taiwan!